How to give audition

* How to give audition ??

~ First of all shoot your video for audition

 Like this

~ Then upload your video on YouTube through any account.

Get video URL

~ Keep the link of video ready along with a profile photo for upload. This will be helpful at the time of filling the form.

~ Fill up the form given on the website.

~ The clip you want to upload should be raw.

Note : Editing is strictly prohibited.

* Singing Audition Benefits

  • ~ We will show your clip to famous music directors.
  • ~ Your clip will be shown and played in our website for four months .
  • ~If you get 1Lakh likes then we will gift you a fresh composition along with the studio facilities on the behalf of our company.

* Acting Audition benefits

  • ~ We will forward your audition video clip to the casting agencies of different TV shows of different channels.
  • ~ If they like your clip then you will get 100% job guarantee.
  • ~ If they doesn’t like your audition then do not get worried. We will give you attractive solutions to groom yourself and become a better actor in future.

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